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We will handle the technical maintenance your website needs: Software updates, malware issues, integration updates, PHP upgrades, plugin updates & more.

Website Edits

We will handle your web design needs: Edit current pages, add new pages, switch pictures, menu changes, create new sections, edit sliders, change contact forms & more.

Backup & Recovery

Your online data is important to us. We can schedule and supervise, daily, weekly, or monthly site backups to ensure your data is safe and easily recoverable in case of accidents.


We can Troubleshoot problems and fix your website errors: HTML problems, script errors, CSS fixes, harmful programs, virus problems, out of date plugins and themes, function issues, and more.

Website Security

We monitor and manage your website security: Hourly uptime watching, daily virus scans and cleaning, malware detection and removal, extreme force protection, spam reduction, & more.

WordPress updates

We will complete your WordPress updates: plugin updates, theme updates, PHP updates, and more. We can also diagnose any issues that come up from updates or conflicts.

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