Install Security System Software – Security Solution

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Does your website lack security?

You’re in the right place, You will not have to look too far for getting the best system software but why security needed in the first place?. Lacking security on your site is a major blunder and precautions are better than the cure. We’ll use the up to dated technology to encounter common and advanced attacks on your site. Globally WorldWide the most common attack is known as “DDOS” which results in affecting your site with unneeded traffic to slow down your website so it’ll be a downturn to your business maybe for a day, week, or a month.


SSL must be set up on your domain*

Your WordPress should be installed and setup*

You will provide us with FTP/SFTP, Square, and wp-admin(WordPress) credentials

This service only includes plugin installation and setup

No Custom request is included in this service.